Before starting your application please make sure you have gathered electronic copies of the following documents for upload (if available):

  • Formal Business/Organization Identification –  a certificate of registration or similar (required for all applications)
  • Site Survey – if you’ve had your site reviewed and received a site survey from a qualified installer
  • Proposal or Quote – if you’ve already been through the discovery process and have a proposal or quote you have accepted
  • Purchase Order – if you’ve already accepted a proposal or quote and have a purchase order
  • Permit(s) – if you have already obtained and paid for any required permits for the installation
  • Environmental Assessment – if one was deemed necessary and has already been completed

You will also need to know…

  • The number of chargers you plan to install
  • The type of charger you plan to install
  • The name and contact information for any representative that will be managing this application on your behalf
  • Reasonably accurate start and end dates for the project

Agreement with Program Policies

I have read, understood and agree with the Program Policies.

Does My Project Qualify?

Did you use the Pre-Screening Tool - Does My Project Qualify? before submitting this application.

Applicant Information

Must match business identification

Applicant Representative Information

Applicants may designate a representative of the organization as a primary contact. This may include Foreseeson Technologies, a contractor, consultant or other who acts on behalf of the applicant organization. Please complete the following if you would like to designate a primary contact, otherwise, please leave it blank.

Project Information

Your project must fit into one of the available streams of funding. Please identify what stream your project fits into.
A connector is each charging port that connects to the vehicle
The maximum rebate for your project is 50% of all eligible project costs to a maximum of $100,000. Please provide your estimated total project costs and the estimated claim amount at 50%
Include all applicable taxes (PST, GST, HST)
The maximum rebate is $100,000
Do you plan to install chargers in multiple geographic locations?
A civic address that can be found in Google Maps
A civic address that can be found in Google Maps
If you have more than 2 installation locations, please upload a list of civic addresses.

All applicants are required to disclose all confirmed and potential sources of funding, inclusive of all federal, provincial, territorial or municipal governments (total government assistance) and other sources that are expected to be received. Please indicate the amount of any other funding and the source, if applicable.

Leave blank if not applicable
If your project is located in BC are you aware that you cannot apply to the EV Fleet Charging Program if you are receiving a rebate from the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets Program (offered by Plug-In BC)?

Foreseeson Technologies Inc.

Foreseeson is our charging installation expert. A copy of your application will be sent to them so that they can contact you to begin the discovery process.


By submitting this application, I agree that (you must check both):

Upload Required Documents

Maximum file size: 33MB


The EV Fleet Charging Program is a part of the SCRAP-IT family of environmental programs.