Program Policies

All Applicants to the EV Fleet Charging Program will be required to agree with the policies on this page. Please make sure you have read, understood and agree with the following before completing your application.

SCRAP-IT® is a not-for-profit society who delivers clean transportation programs throughout Western Canada. Some of the Programs offer monetary rebates to individuals to facilitate the transition to cleaner forms of transportation. The EV Fleet Charging Program is one of these programs.

  • All applicants must understand and agree that they must be a legal entity validly incorporated or registered in Canada.
  • All applicants must agree that projects (charger installations) will be located in Canada.
Funding Maximums & Stacking
  • All applicants understand and agree that the funding maximums outlined on our Qualifying Technology page will be applied to each project.
  • All applicants understand and agree that the EV Fleet Charging Program provides up to 50% of qualifying technology costs to a maximum of $100,000 for a project costing $200,000 or more.
  • For applicant organizations in BC, it is understood and agreed that your organization cannot apply to this program if you are receiving a rebate from the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets Program. Please visit our Stacking Rebates page for more details. Applicants should be aware that the EV Fleet Charging Program will routinely complete data-matching exercises with the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets program to verify this requirement.
Contribution Agreement

If approved, the accountability, roles and responsibilities of an applicant will be established through an agreement between the SCRAP-IT Society and the applicant. This is referred to as a Contribution Agreement.

  • The Contribution Agreement must be signed by the applicant in order for project funding to be considered approved.
  • The terms and conditions of the Contribution Agreement are not negotiable, the Agreement must be signed as presented.
  • The applicant must sign and return the Contribution Agreement within 10 business days of receiving it.
  • Until both parties sign a Contribution Agreement there is no commitment or obligation on either the SCRAP-IT Society or NRCan’s part to make a financial contribution to any project, including any expenditure incurred or paid prior to the signing of a Contribution Agreement.
  • Applicants who are approved and sign a Contribution Agreement may submit a claim for reimbursement only when the project is complete.
Charger Installation
  • All applicant organizations must be able to certify that the proposed installation will be permanent (mounted or fixed models) and will be required to provide supporting documentation in the application process.
  • All applicants must ensure the project is in compliance with all applicable local codes (for example, building and electrical) and bylaws (for example, zoning and parking) and agree to submit copies of any/all permits obtained for the project.
  • The applicant warrants that the project is not a “designated project” nor a “project” according to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 or the Impact Assessment Act.
Charging Equipment
  • EV Fleet Charging Program will only approve projects where the proposed charger(s) is a product that is commercially available in Canada.
  • Only the types of chargers identified on our Qualifying Technology page will be approved. No other charger type will be approved. Applicant organizations must provide documentation that confirms these requirements are met prior to installation.
  • All applicant organizations must be able to provide evidence that the project is for new installation(s), and not for expansion or for the replacement of existing charging infrastructure.
  • All chargers must be connected which is defined as: Having the ability to communicate to other stations and/or to a server or the cloud through cellular/wireless signal or connected vehicle communications using software to report on usage and/or other capabilities such as providing real-time status of charging stations.
  • For chargers with multiple connectors each connector must be capable of charging a vehicle while supporting a dedicated parking space simultaneously.
  • Chargers must be new, and purchased equipment, not leased.
  • All applicants understand that rebates are paid by EFT and must agree to provide the required banking information. This can be done by using our EFT Payment Authorization Form.
  • EFTs for reimbursements are processed quarterly in accordance with the schedule found on the Expense Claim Deadlines page.
  • EFTs for projects will only be processed when the project is complete.
Project Timeline
  • All applicants understand and agree that it’s their responsibility to ensure project completion by April 30, 2025. Projects that do not indicate potential for completion within these timelines will not be eligible for funding.
Independent Program Administration
  • SCRAP-IT Society is not acting as an agent of the Crown and has full independence as to the choice of applicants. NRCan will not intervene in business decisions between SCRAP-IT’s EV Fleet Charging Program and its applicants.
Privacy Policy

By agreeing with the program policies outlined on this page, I am also agreeing with the Privacy Policy.